About PhotoMachining

PhotoMachining, Inc. was founded in 1997 by laser industry veterans John O’Connell and Ronald Schaeffer. The mission of the company is to use lasers for high precision micromachining applications. The staff includes many individuals with years of laser and system integration experience – 20% of the staff hold Ph.D’s in Physics or Physical Chemistry.

PhotoMachining is known for tackling tough manufacturing jobs and for excellent service and support. We are regarded as the ‘quick-turn-around’ shop within the industry offering 'ship from stock' for our repeat customers. We have one of the widest range of micromachining lasers available within North America with wavelengths across the spectrum. Our primary focus is using UV (Ultra Violet) and USP (Ultra Short Pulse – picosecond and femtosecond) lasers to allow us to solve the most challenging applications with the highest quality.

PhotoMachining strives to stay ahead of the technology curve and we pride ourselves on making new laser sources with unique capabilities available to our customers. In fact, we collaborate with all the major laser manufacturers to characterize their systems in a variety of microfabrication applications.

Applications are developed by our research scientists and engineers and then transferred to the Job Shop for short run and high volume production. For our clients that require in-house manufacturing, we provide both standard and custom laser systems. Thanks for viewing our site and please contact us with any questions you might have.

John O'Connell

John received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Lowell (currently UMASS Lowell) in 1980. He has been in the laser industry for over 25 years, beginning at Spectra-Physics in 1981. For the past 15 years, John has been involved in general corporate management - Laser Photonics, Resonetics and since the founding of PhotoMachining.

Contact John for information on Laser Systems, Used Equipment and Vacuum Chucks

Gabor Kardos
Vice President

Gabor has been working with lasers since 1988. Previously at Lumonics, he was doing materials processing with industrial lasers that operate in either UV or IR spectrum. At PhotoMachining, he is in charge of the laser job shop.

Please contact Gabor regarding PCB applications and Contract Manufacturing Services

Ronald D. Schaeffer
Chief Executive Officer

Ron received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Lehigh University in 1986. He has worked in the laser industry for 20+ years holding technical, sales and management positions at Spectra Physics, Lambda Physik, Laser Photonics and Resonetics. He is active in technical organizations (LIA, SME, SPIE) giving seminars designed to promote the technology of laser based micromachining in industry. Ron also is a contributing editor for Industrial Laser Solutions, and writes a column in MicroManufacturing Magazine.

Joey Placenti
Technical Sales Engineer

Joey has many years of sales and marketing experience in the microelectronics and interconnect industries. He has worked for companies such as Hadco, Coretec and Endicott Interconnect Technologies.

Please contact Joey for all sales enquiries